"Unity" Cold Water Pump controller is manufactured in accordance to be standard and local requirements
The pump controller can be operated in automatic coincidence detection or manual using push button.
Booster Pump, Transfer Pump, High Pressure Pump, Pneumatic Pump and Submersible Pump
The panel come in various of range from 1 HP to 7.5 HP using 415 V 3 PHASE, 50HZ. There is two types of electrical starter available for this controller, either star-delta starter or direct on line starter depending on the horsepower use. The standard panel is builded for wall mounted type, indoor use only and controller for 2 electrical pump. For special requirement, the panel can also be available above 7.5 HP, using 1 electrical and 1 diesel engine pump or in weatherproof type (outdoor).
Standard 1.5 mm thick mild steel plate, coated with "beige colour" epoxy paint.
Standard Features and Indications
Phase light indicator
Pump run and trip indicator
Manual start and stop push button
Incoming isolator or MCB for power supply
Individual MCB/ MCCB or each pump
Individual MCB for each pump controller
Auto/ Off/ Manual selector switch
Voltmeter & ammeter C/W selector switch for power supply
Hour run meter (no available for High Pressure Pump)
Low level indicator for suction tank (Booster, Transfer, High Pressure Pump)
High level indicator for elevated tank (Booster/ Transfer Pump)
Overflow indicator and reset button (Submersible Pump)
Alarm bell or revolving light output (Submersible Pump)
Automatic changeover from pump 1 to pump 2 using latching relay or Time switch (expect High Pressure Pump)
Certified and approved by: Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Dan Gas TKL (PS) 79/98
Booster Pump Controller
Booster Pump Controller for 2 System
(4 Electrical Pump)
High Pressure Pump Controller
Submersible Pump Controller
Submersible Pump Controller (Weatherproof)
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